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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Road Damage and Landslide in Hatuquesi

Aplimentec’s Supervisor, Mr. Armindo Moniz, reported that Aplimentec postpone the construction in Hatuquesi village after a heavy rain during February – March 2008. The hard rains have damaged and cut the main road from Liquica to Hatuquesi and created a landslide in project location. Therefore, they will continue the project after the rain stop.

However, Mr. Armindo reafirmed that the project will be end on time in July 2008. According to him, Aplimentec’s team have worked out the challanges within community members higher support. "We empower and encourage community to participate in all activities. That is why, we could repaired the damage roads, prepare the construction, and finished some constructions as far possible. We do believe that, the project will ending on time", said Mr. Moniz.