Monday, November 22, 2010


Community at Fatulau sub village, Suco Orlalan, posto Laclubar, district Manatuto has no access to clean water since Portuguese and Indonesian times compare with other villages inside Laclubar. In 2001, one national NGO with support from World Vision tried to connect clean water to that village use hydraulic pump system; however the system did not work in the end of the project.

According to Mr. Agustinho Soares, the former Chefi Aldeia Fatulau, some NGOs which came after had tried to solve the water issues; although there were no one is realized. The main reason was no water sources around Fatulau or water debit was lowest.

Therefore, added Mr. Agustinho, they were doubtful when DWASH (water, sanitation and natural resource management program is funded by USAID and implemented by CDM and national NGOs) program come in early September 2009. Nevertheless, DWASH throughout its program provide the differences way in their experiences. As community, said Mr. Agustinho, we learnt to identify problem and look forward to get its solution by community own way. After a year, we realize that, the program has brought a huge change to community life. Water is running to our sub village and more than 104 households can have clean water access. 80 % of household changed their behavior on sanitation. They have built the toilets.

Mr. Agustinho said, “We want to thanks DWASH USAID program. We feel that this program totally has provided great benefits to our community. Today, we solve clean water issues. We solve sanitation and hygiene problems. Women no longer overload in their daily activities. Our children have more access for bathing, drinking and healthy living”