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Monday, November 22, 2010

Gender balance in GMF Formation

Gender balance is a concern in East Timor. This is because In East Timor most places are patriarchal in their cultures. Hence men are dominant in the society. Natarbora is not an exception.

According to Natarbora Sub District administrator, Mr Rui Gomes, women are essential elements in development process, hence the need to be empowered.

“It is important to give more opportunities to Women in Natarbora to express their opinions and to involve more women in development process” he said.
In Natarbora, DWASH integrated team is committed to achieve gender balance in every activity. The aims are to share responsibilities between men and women and to promote women participation. In their local structures of GMF and the two GOUF, DWASH integrated team encourages women to take part in the three structures by promoting them in positions such as chief of GOUF, Secretary, water technician,

As the result, we achieve gender balance in the structures and women are more empowered and participate in the organizations. DWASH integrated team will do trainings for the three organizations such as training of leadership, gender, technique, O&M, etc to ensure women participation in the three organizations. Also, regular meetings every two weeks provide women more opportunities to express their opinions (HJ/2010)