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Our Services

Humanitarian Services 
Aplimentec provides humanitarian engineering skills for water, sanitation and hygiene programs in communities. Most of the programs are implemented in rural areas that have been identified as high priority targets. All Aplimentec staff: engineers, technicians, community facilitators and trainers, are well trained to provide humanitarian engineering services. The services not only focus on the physical construction, but also empower the community to help themselves through capacity building, enhanced awareness, and ownership management. 

Our water projects are oriented to full community participation – from decision making about the location of tap stands, physical construction, and then empowering a local organization to sustainably manage and maintain the system. Aplimentec encourages participation and shared roles and responsibilities throughout all facets of the community. Aplimentec design water systems taking into consideration appropriate technology, asset life, security of supply, protection for a healthy environment and sustainability.

Engineering Services 
Aplimentec have 10 engineering staff with skills in structural design, civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. They have experience in carrying out engineering survey; design; cost estimation; writing technical specifications; condition assessments; construction supervision, monitoring and quality control for water and sanitation infrastructure. 

The engineers do not stand alone, they work as a team. The Aplimentec engineering staff can also provide training in civil construction for water supply and sanitation infrastructure.
Aplimentec Engineering Consultant (AEC) was established in 2009. The AEC are licensed as Engineering Consultants, and can therefore provide services to the Government. Profits from AEC go to Aplimentec Foundation. AEC are available for engineering consultancy services including the survey, design and construction management for water infrastructure, irrigation, buildings, roads, and bridges.
Aplimentec have a professional team  of community facilitators who organize communities in various activities. Activities include water programs, sanitation-hygiene promotion, and natural resources management.

Water programs and Health Promotion (WASH)

Aplimentec facilitators work with the community to develop the Community Action Plan (CAP), to support GMF formation (Groupo Manega Fasilidade or local water committee), to train GMF members, support regular meetings, community mobilization and promoting gender equality in water management.

Aplimentec facilitators work with the community to implement community lead total sanitation (CLTS), and hygiene promotion. These activities are conducted regularly through behavior change communication (BCC), monitoring, mentoring and training.

Natural resource management (NRM)
 is oriented towards promoting environmental protection, especially at water sources. Aplimentec facilitators support the community to: enforce traditional law in environmental protection; enhance community awareness to avoid environmental damage; promote seeding programs, planting and reforesting landslide areas; and to establish an NRM group who maintain the environmental conservation efforts to conserve the forest, protect water sources, and manage land sustainably.

Working Experiences
Aplimentec has worked with various institutions since 2002. Aplimentec has had partnerships with the Japan Embassy for a water program, CIDA-Canada for a sanitation project, AusAID for a WASH program, CDM for civil engineering, USAID for a WASH program, ADB for a WASH program, SAS for engineering survey and design, Ministry of Agriculture for engineering services, Ministry of Infrastructure for engineering services, and The Promise Timor Leste (Korean INGO) for engineering survey and design.

Most of the partnership programs were for engineering survey and design, community water supply construction, health promotion (WASH) and natural resource management (NRM). Most projects were for rural communities. Aplimentec can also support urban water supply planning, capacity building, and engineering services.

Aplimentec strives to build relationships with donors and partners through mutual respect and shared values. For more information visit us: