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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today, Aplimentect Engineering Team left for Oecusse district for conducting a survey for three weeks. This survey will focus on the 12 water systems in six villages around district of Oecusse. This project was funded by USAID Timor-Leste as continuation of DWASH project that uncompleted in 2012. The engineering team is consist of 2 civil engineers, 2 community facilitators and 6 water surveyors.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


On March 14, 2013, the Government of Japan held a signing ceremony for Grant Contracts with four national NGOs at the Embassy of Japan. The Government of Japan provided over US$460,000 dollars in total for the following 4 project to meet basic Grant Assistance for Grass –Roots Human Security Projects (GGP).
(Project Name /Recipient/ Amount of Assistance)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Water Project in Suco Asumano, district Liquica

Aplimentec have been working with The Promise, a Korean NGO, for the installation of new water supply systems and one system refurbishment in the Asumano Suco in Liquica.

Aplimentec undertook the survey and design earlier this year, and have had one staff member, Jeronimo Pereira dos Anjos, working full time to help monitor construction quality.

When complete the three systems (Nunupu, Quirilelo Lower, and Quirilelo Upper) will provide water to approximately 780 people. The construction has been undertaken by the local communities.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Aplimentec Support DSAS Liquica Project

District SAS (Servico Água e Saneamento) Liquica through Miguel Almedia (DSAS Manager) has established the cooperation agreement with Aplimentec Foundation (Aplimentec Engineering Consultant) for conducting an engineering survey in water projects. The agreement was signed by both side in DSAS Office, district Liquica in 7 August 2012.

Miguel Almedia who represents DNSAS in the agreement said that the agreement is a part of Timor Leste government project for Liquica (PDID) water project that will be implementing in May 2013.

“Timor Leste

Friday, August 24, 2012


Aplimentec Director, Justiano de Jesus and staffs were welcome Susannah Cullen (Suzie) from Engineering without Border (EWB) Australia to Aplimentec’s office, 24 August 2012, in Liquica district.  Suzie will work with Aplimentec for one year period specially in WASH program. Suzie was arrived in Dili since 31 July 2012 and went to Tetun class in DIT for 2 weeks.

Suzie present is a part of Aplimentec partnership support from EWB. Suzie will be running her roles to support Aplimentec in developing institutional capacity building and supporting empower the staff on WASH program. Suzie as well will support the engineering team in project management and human resources development inside Aplimentec Foundation.  

 “We would like to thanks to EWB, especially Mr. Kristian and his team which enable Suzie’s presence in Timor Leste. Suzie is not only important for Aplimentec but also for institutional development in overall. We are small institution, but we have vision and dream for a better future, particularly for the community we serve. To get there, we need support and effort from various elements. Suzie is part of that”, said Justiano.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Aplimentec’s CAP Refreshing

22 July 2012 
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Aplimentec‘s Community Development Coordinator, Marcelino Gari said, they have run the CAP (Community Action Plan) refreshing for 5 days. The CAP refreshing was conducted in 16-20 July 2012 at Aplimentec Engineering Training Center Liquica. The CAP refreshing was involved 15 community facilitators’ staff from Liquica, Dili and Manatuto.  

According to Marcelino, “the CAP refreshing is intended to update information that concerning to new strategic for developing the community facilitation project. It is also intended to enable the facilitators’ staff to share lesson learnt of the CAP tools from their previous experiences”.

Monday, May 21, 2012

25 Water Technicians Completed the Water Construction Training

25 Aplimetec’s water technicians have completed water engineering training. The training was conducted in 7-19 May 2012, that taken place in Aplimentec Engineering Training Center, suco Dato district Liquica. The training was organized by Aplimentec Engineering Consultant that leaded by Eng. Antonio Miguel.

According to Antonio Miguel as the trainer, the main objective of this training is to develop the staff capacity in water construction management.

“During 2 weeks, the water technicians learn to understand water technical guidelines, quality standard and its assurances. They learn as well the details of construction process based on government standard (DNSAS) and technical guidelines”, Antonio Said. Moreover, “the participants have opportunity to get practice in field based on information and technical theory. Then, they are able to run the water project that expected to result a best quality and high standard of water construction”, added Antonio.