Monday, May 21, 2012

25 Water Technicians Completed the Water Construction Training

25 Aplimetec’s water technicians have completed water engineering training. The training was conducted in 7-19 May 2012, that taken place in Aplimentec Engineering Training Center, suco Dato district Liquica. The training was organized by Aplimentec Engineering Consultant that leaded by Eng. Antonio Miguel.

According to Antonio Miguel as the trainer, the main objective of this training is to develop the staff capacity in water construction management.

“During 2 weeks, the water technicians learn to understand water technical guidelines, quality standard and its assurances. They learn as well the details of construction process based on government standard (DNSAS) and technical guidelines”, Antonio Said. Moreover, “the participants have opportunity to get practice in field based on information and technical theory. Then, they are able to run the water project that expected to result a best quality and high standard of water construction”, added Antonio.

During 12 days, the technical staff was lead to understand theory and information that concerning to the water construction system. 6 days was focused on theory and information sharing; and another 6 days for field practices. The information sharing was intended to build the staff comprehension in quality standard, designs instruction, technical specification and construction management. The field’s practices were oriented to topographical survey (use dumpy, abney level and GPS), infrastructure assessment, site plan, drafting layout and designs.  

A participant of the training, Leopoldino dos Santos informed that the training is very helpful. The training has supported him to get new information on water construction. “I learn how to combine theory and practices. It is very support me on improving my capacity and experience in water project” said Leopoldino.

The training is closed down by senior engineer Mr. Ladislau Maria das Dores with offered the participant with the training’s certificates (Adi/Apl)