Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aplimentec Provide CLTS Formation on Sanitation’s Facilitators

Posted by: Aplimentec Foundation,  6 December 2010

CLTS Training
Aplimentec Foundation established CLTS (Community Led Total Sanitation) training to community facilitator during 3 days by 2-5 December 2010. The training objective was intended to enhance sanitation’s facilitator for understanding and developing their skill on CLTS concept approach in rural community. Moreover, community facilitator is able to implement their knowledge inside CLTS programs. 

According to Francelino, the training will be improved sanitation facilitators skill in CLTS. “We hope that the facilitators will learn more for adapting CLTS concept that reflect real condition in rural areas”. Therefore, the facilitators is required more to get experience during the training for forwarding implementing in rural community. The training as well as the preparation for CLTS program inside DWASH that involve Aplimentec as NGO team for Sanitation promotion.  

CLTS training was oriented by Francelino de Jesus and Antonio as Aplimentec’s senior staff in CLTS programs. They divided training in three parts such: introduction of CLTS, CLTS concept and method and ended by CLTS simulation practice. 

Julieta Abrao, as one of the participant said that the training is useful and benefit for preparing the facilitator on CLTS works. “We learn how to explain the contamination that caused by wrong behavior in sanitation. We also learn how to open the community mind and how change their behaviors. Furthermore, community can learn to change their wrong open defecation behavior”. 

Other participant said, CLTS orientation training more focus on change behavior then physical changes. So community can realize that environmental health is important to community life. In the end, community will build their toilet.  

The training was running for three days and completed by CLTS practice (Lyno DJ).