Friday, August 27, 2010

Consultant Project

1. Designs Rehailitation building for Chatolic Church St. Joao de Brito Liquica, Diocese de Dili. Total Budget: US$ 600,000.00. Liquica, 2009.

2. Survey and Designs Water Supply Construction under PDD project, Ministerio Infrastrutura (SAS), total contract US$ 85,000.00. Liquica 2010.

3. Survey and Designs Irrigation Project at Loes, sub district Maubara, district Liquica under Ministerio Agriculta e Pescas (MAP). Total budget US$ 450,000.00;

4. Designs Packet for Agriculture Project Pacote PDD year 2010, Ministerio Agriucltura e Pescas (MAP) - total contract US$ 1,040,000.00. Liquica 2010-201.