"Water and Environment"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Consultant Background


Aplimentec Engineering Consultant is a Timorese National Engineering Consultant based in Liquica. Consultant firm was established by a group of experienced Timorese born and educated on Civil engineering, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture Landscape and other related with the focus on the long term and very commits to participate in the government project to achieve the government national development plan. Engineering Architecture consulting was just established in the years of 2005 but the staffs have lots of experiences been working for this country since 2002 till now in various areas with the government, National and International company, International Institution, Embassy and some have been working with UN agency. http://timor.buildingmarkets.org/en_af/node/13096



APEC are dedicated to creating innovating and cost efficient solutions to design challenges. Our award-winning staff provides component consultation on projects from inception through design and successfully completion. The architecture staff and engineering architecture consulting has the added advantage of working as team members in a multidisciplinary environment. The interrelated discipline of architecture, engineering, planning and landscape architecture all are available in house. This permits our architecture staff to coordinate and control projects more efficiently and be more responsive to clients’ request.

We provide clients with a wide range of services, including: Facilities Programming, Regional and City / Town Planning, Urban Design, Interior System Design, Site Planning, Landscape Architecture, Tourism Development, Specification Writing, Estimation and Const Control, Construction Contract Administration.


The Structural engineering division of APEC consulting provides structural engineering service related to various construction developments. Our goal is to strive for excellence in providing clear, accurate information for cost estimation and construction. This enables greater coordination of the structural design through implementation to innovative ideas and techniques for our clients on a variety of different types system.

The engineers within the structural engineering division are proficient in reinforced concrete, steel, priestesses’ concrete and composite structural design. Our engineers have extensive computers capabilities to provided progressive and creative design. The division uses a variety of analysis and design programs to develop and evaluated structural system. Design services offered programs to develop and evaluated structural system. Design services offered by the structural Engineering division of Engineering Architecture Consulting are i.e. the field of: Multistory Buildings, Industrial Building, Monumental Building, Hydraulic Structure, Towers, Special Structures (Shell and Space Frames), Offshore Structures, Evaluation and Rehabilitation of Damage Structures


The mechanical and electrical system provides an important part of any human environment. From the comforts provided by ventilating and air conditioning of an area, to life safety concern such as emergency lighting and alarm system, the mechanical and electrical components dramatically impact the comfort and suitability of the space. As important as the function of the mechanical and electrical system, the cost to install, maintain and operate must be considered and be an integral part of each system equipment selection and design. The best systems for a particular space are those that minimize cost while adequately providing the level of performance desired for the application.

The mechanical and electrical division of APEC has the experience, technical knowledge and knows how to provide HVAC, plumbing, sprinkler, lighting, power and alarm system. We ensure cost effective solution for almost any environment, from a few hundred square meter of rebuilding to hundreds of thousand of square meter or new construction. With the many years experience accrued in the engineering and design of commercial, industrial, educational and other facilities, our team can provide timely, economical and efficient design for a wide range of budget and performance levels to suit your projects.

Here are some of the services we provide: Master plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, Plumbing: Domestic Water, Sanitary, Storm Systems, Fire Suppression: Wet, Dry and Holing Substitutes, Special System: Refrigeration and Dust Collection, Power System Analysis and Coordinated studies, Power Distribution and Design including clean Power, Isolated power and High, Harmonic Handling System, Data Acquisition, Alarm and Communication System, Lighting Design: Interior and Site Lighting protection.

Understanding of project reeds and regulatory requirements. Accurate and Timely Documentation: Our Projects managers and office engineering utilize computerized documentation systems to accurately record meeting minutes, proposed changes, shop drawing logs, daily reports, quantities and non conformance items, as documentation is critical for a well – organized project and fro claims avoidance defense.

Schedule Expertise: utilizing the scheduling software most appropriate for the project managers analyze the contractors’ CPM in accordance with the contract documents, evaluated the logic and compliance with critical milestone and evaluate the adequacy of the contractor’s resources. The approved CPM is the utilized to review the schedule of values and to asses construction status.

Estimating specialist: cost control start at the concept phase when the owner’s budget is reviewed to determine is compatibility with the scope and the schedule. During the design phase, our estimators produce independent estimates using computerized estimating system, and verify the A/E’s compliance and comparative estimates are prepared.


Our geotechnical section offer analyses, design and construction supervision for the following:

Foundation for high-rise building, bridges and coastal developments
Deep basement related problems such as ground water seepage, safe guard for surrounding structures, basal heave, instrumentation, etch.
Retaining structures including diaphragm walls, and their support system ranging
From ground anchors, strutting including racer, and temporary beams
Construction problems related to expansive soils, including repairs of damage structures
Experienced excessive movement ‘Geo-environmental services such as sanitary landfill, ground water pollutant control, etc.
Geotechnical forensic engineering
Slope stability for natural slopes cut slopes and fill slopes over soft foundations as well as hard foundations
Preparation of geo technological investigation program to suit specific purposes, supervision, and evaluation.


Our water resources and irrigation division offers a board range study, planning, design and supervision services for water resource and irrigation projects.

Our experience ranges from groundwater development, flood control projects to irrigation development. This given us veracity to provide any level of engineering services that a new development may require. Having worked with private, Government agencies, International Institution or other consultant and contractor, we are able to prepare the type of services necessary to bring any project from concept to completion.

Out division department is composed of an experience, dedicated and resourceful staff. We work with our clients on a personal level throughout the duration of any project while maintaining the highest professional level on our final product.

We provide expertise in:

Water resources management system
Ground water Development
Hydrology and Hydro – geological Irrigation and Water Supply
Drainage and Flood Control
Dam and river engineering

We provide expertise as well in:

Water supply gravity system including survey, Topography, design and development
Hydrology and HGL calculation
Bacteriology test and water quality proving
Provide project management control


We have considerable expertise in the field of power engineering. The experience gained from site investigation, planning and studies, design and design reviews and construction supervisions have made us capable to offer comprehensive consultancy services in the power engineering software. CAD, data base and information system have been developed to meet the need for quality assurance.

Our capabilities in hydroelectric Power and thermal Power and Transmission line project include:

Master plan and inventory study
Geographic information system
Site selection and Pre-feasibility Study
Feasibility study
Basic and System design
Details design
Preparation of Bid document
Engineering Design supervision
Construction Supervision


APEC engineering has the capability of providing a wide Range of expertise in Environmental planning and science, Environmental management, Environmental Monitoring and public participation program.

Successful design and operating of industrial and resources development projects can no longer be accomplished without sound environmental planning at every stage. Engineering Architecture consulting is capable of providing clients with the following services:

Environmental impact assessment
Environmental audits
Conservation Strategies
Permits applications
Environmental protection programs
Waste Management
Integrated forest planning
Socio – Economy Study


Environmental monitoring is required in the permitting process. It is valuable tool for measuring monitoring program will assist in conserving environmental quality and will benefit the client directly by minimizing costly delay. Architecture consulting comprehensive capabilities include monitoring on:

Liquid effluent
Soil and sediment
Ground water
Air emissions
Wildlife habitat and populations
Aquatic habitat and populations


APEC Engineering Architecture consulting site Investigation division has considerable experiences covering a wide range of projects, from small domestic up to trough major projects all over the country and beyond.

Our concern is to provide reliable geological data and geotechnical parameters to be of value for preparing the respective recommendation and design in difficult site conditions and needs of clients.

Both factual and interpretative reports can be provided for any project site as well as based on the size and type of development envisaged. Target have been achieved though intense interaction between supply and application of comprehensive devices, knowledge and professional experiences.

Site observation, in-situ testing, monitoring, laboratory testing coupled with precise data processing and interpretation in accordance with International standers or methods are our stepwise action plan for carrying out of the project during the investigation phase.


Every successful begins with accurate and comprehensive data. Engineering Architecture Consulting Topographical Survey and Mapping uses the most current techniques and technologies to provide location data collection and management services to build this foundation. These include:


Boundary surveys and mapping
Topographic surveys and mapping
Construction surveys
Hydrographic (Fathometer surveys)
Photo grammar (control)
Geographic information services (GIS) & Oceanography & Hydrographic.


Electronic Total Station and Electronic Data Collection
Satellite Global Positioning Services (GPS)
Computer Aided Design 2007 and the most current state-of-the-art software
Digital Camera
Specialty work
Laboratorial Test

This use of our current techniques and technologies, combined with our solid fundamental experience in the field of engineering, makes Engineering Architecture Consulting a leader in providing survey services; delivering efficient, cost effective assistance time and time again.