Friday, August 5, 2005

Seeding Programs for 3 Sucos Around District Liquica

Aplimentec Foundation through Agriculture Development Program starts a seeding program with the small scale with 30,000 seeds. These seeds consist of: ‘rambutan’, lemons, mangos, salak, bamboos, bananas, and pinnacles. Mr. Paulino Alves as coordinator for Agriculture Development mentioned “The main objectives are to protect the environment around mountain and avoid the risk of landslide that happens every year in mountain area. Another reason is intended to support the farmers in other to progress their economic income in the few years coming”.

Therefore, Aplimentec will start the seeding program from January until August 2005 with 4 main programs such: 1) seeding; 2) development 3) community and farmers training; 4) distribution and plantation. For seeding and development will be concentrated in Liquica village; than, the program will come up with some training and socialisation before the planting time in December (rain season). Base on the program, the plantation’s areas will be focus in Suco Loidahar, Loes and Suco Dato Foho.

According to Mr. Paulino, This program is a second pass because Aplimentec has distributed more than 5,000 ‘rambutan’ to sub villages Hekar, Lisasiko, Mankolhata and Cabuilimo during 2003-2004. Therefore, 2 years more they can enjoy their ‘rambutan’ and deliver some to the markets. Mr. Paulino also mentioned that, the seeding program not only for re-plantation program, but also intended to support the development rural economic.

The seeding program supported by Aplimentec Management Fund.